What Is a VoIP Number? Here's How It Works

Do you know what a VoIP number is? Find out what it is and how it works in this post.

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Would you like to communicate more efficiently with your customers? Do you want an easy-to-use and cost-effective alternative to traditional phone lines and PBX business phone system?

If so, a VoIP number might be the perfect solution. Voice over Internet Protocol enables you to send voice calls over the internet instead of traditional telephone networks. 

You probably already use numerous services that involve VoIP technology, like Skype or WhatsApp, but setting up a dedicated business line can bring some surprising benefits when it comes to customer communication. In this blog post, we'll explore what a VoIP number is, how and some benefits of them so that you can decide whether this could help your business boost efficiency and cut costs.

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Why Should You Switch Your Phone Systems to VoIP?

If you're running a business, switching to VoIP phone systems can provide some significant advantages that increase the efficiency of your operations and reduce costs. These systems allow for simpler and more comprehensive network management, reduced deployment time, and greater scalability. 

Since VoIP uses the internet to transmit calls, remote employees can take advantage of all the features of a full office phone system from anywhere in the world. Both flexible and powerful, VoIP is an ideal communication solution for businesses looking to stay competitive in today's fast-paced marketplace.

Is VoIP Better Than Using a Landline?

landline phone

With VoIP, users can make phone calls, send messages, and complete video chats over the internet. In addition, VoIP offers multiple advantages like lower start-up costs, more flexibility, and better customer service than a traditional landline system. 

VoIP allows users to access their phones from anywhere in the world and control their networks regardless of geography. VoIP can be accessed from a range of devices, including computers, smartphones, and tablets. This flexibility and mobility make VoIP an attractive option for businesses who need to stay connected and productive while on the move.

Many VoIP services offer features like call forwarding, caller ID, and multi-call assistance that are harder to access with a regular landline system. Also, CRM integrations give you the ability to connect multiple offices and remote team members under one unified business phone system.

Some additional advantages of VoIP are businesses are no longer limited by how many incoming and outgoing calls can happen simultaneously. Faster system maintenance, updates and greater reliability. With a traditional system if the hardware (the system) goes down the whole system is down. 

With VoIP businesses can have more phone numbers for less cost. Those numbers can also be routed how you want. For example, you can have local area code phone numbers to show local presence so customers feel like you are near them, even if you aren't. 

If traditional telephone lines (POTs lines) go down, you are calling the telephone company and waiting for them to fix it. With VoIP from Callifi, we answer support requests immediately and if a line or system is down due to power outage, flood, fire, hurricane, blizzard, internet down, office or building closed, global pandemic, we can redirect the number while the issue is being resolved. If your office is closed because of a power outage, calls can be sent to another place including, Callifi apps, people working remotely, and voicemail that's delivered to email.

Callifi includes faxing, intelligent routing, and a host of other features to bring you the best unified communications platform. So for all these reasons, it's easy to see why so many people call the switch to VoIP a brilliant solution.

What Exactly Is a VoIP Number?

A VoIP number is a virtual number specifically designed to make and receive calls over the internet. The VoIP number allows its users to take advantage of various communication services, including video calls, conference calling, toll-free numbers, and messaging services. 

Unlike with traditional voice lines, you can have one phone number with hundreds of calls coming in. So customers don't hear busy tones, and your team doesn't have to wait for a line to free up before being able to call out. 

A VoIP system can show the caller ID/phone number that you want to send out on every call. Meaning, customers see your main number on their caller ID vs. one of the other lines/phone numbers. If you have two companies working from the same office, or you want to have sales calls showing the direct line for the sales team, that can happen. With traditional lines/systems the people receiving your calls see the phone number/caller ID of whichever line you are calling out on.

It also makes it easier for individuals and businesses to establish worldwide communication. By doing so, VoIP users can access advanced teleconferencing technologies at very affordable prices.

VoIP also makes it easier to design call routes for specific numbers. For example, if your team is located in New York City, your support team phone number can be programmed to first ring the New York support team during New York business hours. After New York business hours it can be programmed to ring another support team in the next available timezone.

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What Is the Process of Getting a VoIP Number?

Getting a VoIP number is pretty straightforward and can easily be set up with just a few clicks of the mouse. To get started, you first have to decide whether you want to use a VoIP provider or create your own system. If you choose a provider, sign up for a VoIP account. This typically involves filling out an online form with your personal and billing information.

Most VoIP providers will allow you to choose a local or toll-free number from a list of available numbers. Some providers may also offer the option to port an existing number to their VoIP system.

If you use an outside provider, they will provide the necessary equipment and allow you to purchase packages that include additional services like routing, automated attendants (IVR), emergency back up, call forwarding, and voicemail. You will then select the type of phone number you want (local, toll-free, international, or a specific area code) and input any associated contact information into their system. Once everything is ready, your VoIP number will be active and ready for customers to reach out to!

Can You Get a Toll-Free Number With VoIP?

Depending on the provider, you can get a toll-free number through a VoIP system. While many traditional phone companies offer this service as part of their package, VoIP providers often offer packages that include toll-free numbers. 

Some may even provide monthly or annual options for bundling toll-free services and other VoIP features for a discounted rate over separate services. Toll-free numbers are great for businesses or individuals looking to give customers or contacts a way to reach them from any location without incurring long-distance charges. So if you're considering VoIP, consider if getting a toll-free number is the right fit for your needs – and if so, see what your provider offers!

VoIP Fraud: How To Protect Yourself


VoIP fraud is a widely-used threat that affects businesses of all sizes. To protect yourself from VoIP fraud, there are several steps you can take to keep your company or organization secure. 

First, make sure to educate staff members on the proper handling of sensitive data over VoIP networks and other protocols. Next, Encrypt calls whenever possible and establishes good firewall protection for every computer connected to the VoIP network. 

Invest in monitoring and prevention tools that alert administrators to unusual activity on their network as soon as possible. By following these essential steps, you can significantly improve the security of your business's VoIP connections and minimize any potential risks associated with fraudulent activities.

Is It a Good Idea To Get VoIP?

Using a VoIP number has several advantages over traditional phone numbers. A VoIP number allows users to make and receive calls from anywhere worldwide using internet-enabled devices. This means it provides mobile freedom for team members who travel frequently for work from home. Also businesses with multiple locations or remote team members can make calls showing the business caller ID. They can also receive calls to their business phone system where they can be transferred to team members wherever they are located, keeping customers from having to hang up and call another number or waiting for a call back.

Additionally, VoIP numbers are more cost-effective than standard phone lines, which is excellent for budget-conscious individuals or businesses. Furthermore, inbound and outbound call quality is quite good, making VoIP an attractive option for businesses that need reliable communication with customers and clients. Compared to traditional phone lines, VoIP lines are more dependable and less prone to service disruptions. Additionally, VoIP lines can be easily re-routed or repointed in emergency situations, allowing businesses to continue their operations without interruptions.

Finally, most VoIP services have features like voicemail-to-email delivery and conference calling that can help improve productivity. For all these reasons, it's no surprise why so many people and businesses prefer VoIP over landlines.

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Cut the Cords to Landlines and Switch to VoIP Numbers

VoIP numbers are a great option if you're looking for a new phone number for your business. They're easy to set up and use and can save you money on your monthly phone bill. Plus, with a VoIP number, you can have your calls forwarded to any phone, so you can take your office with you wherever you go and connect multiple locations of your business with one business telephone system.

All this can be challenging to set up, design and manage. Since it is a life line of your business you should reach out to Callifi where our experienced team can professionally design and install your business phone system quickly, and keep you working!

Start using the CRM platform of the future, today.