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Dr. Veronica Zaharia

"Callifi answering service gave me my off hours back, and I’m paying a fraction of what I was being charged."

Dr. Zaharia was paying $300/month for an after hours answering service that was making life difficult. She would receive the wrong call back number, heard complaints from her patients of long wait times and unprofessional operator behavior, and grew tired of emergencies coming through that weren’t actual emergencies. To compensate, Dr. Zaharia had resorted to giving her cell phone number to very sick patients, and afterwards she would change her number.

Dr. Zaharia called Callifi for help.Callifi answering service answers calls with the same professional voicemail message every time. There is no waiting as even if another patient is leaving a message, Callifi can record a second third, or fourth message concurrently. Once a message is recorded, it is sent directly to Dr. Zaharia’s email inbox.

Now she can listen to the message herself and decided if and when to call back. If the call is not an emergency, e.g. an appointment change or prescription refill, she can forward the message to a member of her staff. “I do not miss any calls,” Dr. Zaharia explains. “I’m not randomly interrupted by my ringing cell phone and I no longer have to change my cell number every few months.”“My clients tell me that they like the new system, and I do too.”

Dr. Zaharia says, noting a vast improvement in her answering service as messages can be sent to multiple email addresses including to an on-call staff member. “Callifi answering service gave me my off hours back, and I’m paying a fraction of what I was being charged.”

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Ms. Miller

"Great features that work well and fit our needs."

When the non-profit medical institution started experiencing dropped calls and poor call quality, it was time to find a new office phone service provider. In addition to improving voice and connection quality, they wanted to be able to reprogram phones, extend the time they had to answer calls, and modernize their outdated phone system.

Executive director, Ms. Miller says, “Callifi was able to provide our office with all new equipment and wiring, cleared out our cluttered utility closet and upgraded our phone system.” Unlike other VoIP providers that dropship phones, Callifi arrives onsite to install and configure the entire system, including training for all users. For Ms. Miller and her team, that means phones can easily be updated as needed.

The upgraded phone system gives the non-profit medical institution a more professional image and, as Ms. Miller puts it, “great features that work well and fit our needs.”With the care and expertise they now receive, this non-profit medical institution has found a business phone service provider for the long term.

If any questions do arise, Ms. Miller states that, “The staff at Callifi is always available and immediately addresses any questions we may have.”“Switching to Callifi fixed our call quality issues,” Ms. Miller explained. “We highly recommend Callifi.”

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