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We help troubleshoot your current phone system, find the fault, and get you up and running quickly.

Emergency support

For emergency service in your area contact the corresponding number below to be directly connected with a support technician.

Telecom brands we service,

VoIP system

Service and maintenance contract.

All-inclusive and on-going,
• All parts and labor are included for covered repairs
• Free remote system programming changes
• Preventative Maintenance
• Unlimited technical support
• Unlimited on-site repair
• Defective hardware replacement
• Automatic system backups – local and off-site

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(Digital and analog) system service contract.

• Unlimited on-site repairs
• All parts and labor included for covered repairs
• Unlimited on-phone support
• Unlimited remote programming (depending on whether system supports this)
• Unlimited technical support
• Defective hardware replacement

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Pay as you go

Service and maintenance contract.

• Hourly charge for labor (and any required parts)
• Hourly charge for technical support

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