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Callifi integrates with any app and CRM.
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Conduct voice calls and share data without switching applications using our Clipboard integrations.

Microsoft Excel

Enable real time-data and make calls directly from spreadsheets to improve productivity.

Google Sheets

Callifi's Integration with Google Sheets allows users to make and recieve calls directly from online spreadsheets.


Simplify contact management and enhance customer interaction tracking using seamless voice communication.


Streamline call data with customer profiles and boost customer relationship managment provinding personalized service.

Zoho CRM

Enhance your expierience and improve customer ineraction efficency with Callifi's VoIP integration.

Zoho Desk

Callifi's Zoho Desk Integration allows support teams to conduct voice communication directly within the help desk platform, improving operational efficiency.


Callifi's VoIP Hubspot Integration allows businesses to manage customer integrations seamlessly from the platform.


Callifi VoIP integrates with Pipedrive CRM to improve business communication and improved sales tracking.

Fresh Desk

Callifi VoIP integrates with Freshdesk for efficient customer support, syncing call data with ticket information.

Microsoft Dynamics

Callifi VoIP integrates with Microsoft Dynamics for simplified customer engagement and improved CRM.


Callifi VoIP seamlessly integrates with Clio, enhancing voice communication and case management.


Callifi VoIP improves customer interaction by integrating with Salesforce for streamlined communication and enhanced CRM capabilities.

Microsoft Outlook

Callifi VoIP integrates with Microsoft Outlook for seamless communication and organization.


Integrate with NetSuite and connect your phone systems directly with business process streamlined for workflow.

Oracle Sales Cloud

Using Oracles sales cloud just got easier with our integration. Unify call systems, enable direct VoIP communcation and more!

Microsoft Teams

Using our teams integration, you can automatically track and log calls within teams.


Log your call history, collaberate easily and manage your projects using our integration with google workspace

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VoIP includes features such as call forwarding, voicemail, and conferencing that will increase productivity and efficiency, which  also leads to increased profits.

Software integration

Have your number programed to ring all your phones at once, or each one in sequence.


Make phone calls over the internet using your computer or mobile device.

Desktop App

Integrate easily using the Callifi desktop app.

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Microsoft Excel

Google Sheets



Zoho CRM

Zoho Desk


Pipedrive CRM


Microsoft Dynamics


Protocol Handlers

Third Party Systems

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