What Is VoIP Number Porting? A Complete Guide

Do you know what VoIP number porting is? If not, find out in this guide.

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Have you ever been frustrated trying to switch from one VoIP provider to another because of the hassle and complexity involved when changing your phone number? One solution is VoIP number porting which allows you to keep your existing number when switching providers while reaping the benefits,reliable service, and better system design of a different service.

By utilizing Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), it is now easier to maintain consistent and reliable communication across multiple platforms, no matter where you or other members of your team may be. In this guide, we'll discuss what exactly VoIP number porting is and how it can help your business thrive while keeping everyone connected. Read on to find out more!

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VoIP Number Porting: What Is It?

VoIP number porting is a process that enables you to transfer your existing phone number (which may have been issued from a traditional landline or cell phone provider) to an internet-based Voice over IP (VoIP) telephone service. This process enables businesses to keep their phone numbers while giving them the freedom to switch carriers.

VoIP number porting provides an easy way for businesses and people to keep their phone numbers when switching carriers/providers. Having a professional experienced team to help process the port makes the process way less stressful, and people won't need to worry about potentially losing their phone numbers. A professional support will also ensure you have access to advanced features such as call forwarding, faxing, voicemail, and others specific to VoIP companies.

What You Need For VoIP Number Porting?

Moving your VoIP number to a new service provider can be less stressful when the porting process is understood. To qualify for VoIP number porting, you need to check the compatibility of the new VoIP service with your existing phone number.  

You also need to provide a completed LOA or Letter of Authorization and a recent phone bill so the current service provider can check with their database to verify ownership before authorizing a transfer. Additionally, each carrier has different requirements for porting, and they can help you by providing more information on what you need to do to transfer your phone number properly. With the right understanding of these qualifications, you can easily transition when moving your VoIP number.

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What Is the Process of Porting a Phone Number?

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The process of porting can be done online in just a few steps. First, you need to start the porting process by providing your current account details to your new service provider. Your service provider will then contact your existing provider with a request to transfer the phone number over. 

Once the transfer has been approved, it typically takes between 7 to 10 business days from start to finish for the porting process to be completed. After that the porting process is complete, your new service provider will have access to your phone number (the ported phone number), and you will be free to begin using it as normal. Altogether, porting a phone number is relatively straightforward and requires minimal effort on behalf of the customer.

What Is the Timeframe for Number Porting?

When it comes to transferring your phone number from one provider to another, the timeframe for completing a number port can vary greatly. The process usually begins once you have opened an account with your new provider and submitted all the necessary documentation. 

From there, your current phone service provider will review the paperwork to ensure everything is correct. Once approved, the porting will typically be completed within 7 to 10 business days, depending on the cooperation between providers. If for some reason, a lengthy delay is encountered, your former and new service providers will be able to update you on what is delaying the port from completing. 

Are There Any Obstacles to Porting Phone Numbers?

Porting phone numbers has become much easier recently, but there still are some roadblocks to consider, no matter which carrier you're switching to. Despite the streamlined process of porting your number from one provider to another, it's important to remember that the actual process could take days or weeks, depending on the device and compatibility. 

Additionally, some providers may not be able to support a move from one type of connection (landline) to another kind of connection (wireless). If your number is currently disconnected or linked with fraudulently obtained services, porting it could prove difficult as well. It's essential to ensure that all account information is current before attempting a port to avoid unnecessary delays or complications.

Is It Possible To Port Non-VoIP Numbers?
Yes, it is possible to port a non-VoIP number to a VoIP system, effectively making it a VoIP number. The process of porting a number from a traditional phone system to a VoIP system is called "number porting." This allows you to keep your existing phone number and use it with a VoIP service, rather than having to get a new number. However, the process of porting a number to a VoIP system can vary depending on the provider and the type of number being ported. It is best to check with your VoIP provider for specific requirements and steps for porting your number.
How Do You Know You Need to Port Phone Numbers?

Knowing when to port your phone numbers is essential, especially if you're running a business. There are usually warning signs that signal it's time to port. For example, unreliable service, bad call quality, terrible or unresponsive customer service are major indications that you need a new provider with better systems, coverage, service and support.

Beyond just saving money, we also provide managers and business owners with value. A business can MAKE MORE money by having a dependable, high-quality, professionally designed and maintained system because clients can rapidly find the answers they need about you so they can buy more products from you.

It's also best to consider any changes in your lifestyle or business plans, as this can determine whether or not porting is necessary. Considering all of these, evaluating your needs, and weighing out the pros and cons will help you make an informed decision on when to port phone numbers - ultimately saving you money and time.

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Use VoIP Number Porting When It’s Time To Make a Switch

VoIP number porting is an excellent way to keep your business running smoothly, especially if you're expanding to a new area. It’s essential for you to take the time to understand the process and what it entails before making the switch. By understanding the process and knowing what to expect, you can ensure a smooth transition for your customers and employees.

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